Maurice Legg

Thames Rowing Club

The Stewards' fours, 1956

Thames: M. Legg (bow, steersman), C.F. Porter, A.R. Davidson, J.M. Beresford (stroke), R.A.F. Macmillan's crew: G.S. Dear, H.G.V. Denning, D.H. McLellan, R.A.F. Macmillan

 Thames had two crews in the Stewards' in 1956, but the Henley Stewards insisted that the second crew should be entered privately and would not use the Club colours. Accordingly, they raced as R.A.F. Macmillan's crew with a white band across the blades and riggers painted white. As luck would have it, they met in the first round and had a great tussle, the 'official' crew only holding on to win by 3 feet. They had no such trouble again, beating Leander and London comfortably to take the trophy.
Thames Rowing Club

Founded in 1860, Thames Rowing Club is based on the Putney Embankment in West London. Catering for all, from juniors to veterans, from novices to internationals, Thames is currently the largest and most successful rowing club in the United Kingdom. We like to think we are also one of the friendliest.  

                    The winning Stewards' four

References: International rowing turns professional - Britain Confronts Internationalism

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