Maurice Legg

Chapter 14 Where did they go

I had my doubts about when to conclude this autobiography. It could go on and on and I could add to it daily on the web-site and that  would bore everyone and myself to death. But my present thought is to finish on my 70th birthday and comment only on the sad events of that year running to our almost 40th wedding anniversary

If someone asks me what we did which we were proudest of, my answer is that our children were and remain good friends. I do not think much about what I personally accomplished but I am continually amazed and gratified that, unlike many families, the children haven’t grown apart. Indeed, apart from Suzanne who lives an hour or so away, they live within 5 miles of one another and myself. So it may be surprising that they are not a larger part of my autobiography: after all collectively they were a more significant part of my life than was work or rowing or chess or travelling. Similarly forty years of happily married life is poorly dealt with in these memoirs and on both counts I ponder about how this can be. The answer must be that an account of a career is clear cut, simple and tangible whereas the evolution of one’s family life has innumerable facets which are more difficult to verbalise. Also to cut back and forward between one’s working life and one’s family life is more than I could manage. The other reason of course is that this is my autobiography and I’m the hero of it. Whatever the reason – and I worry about it - I will try to make amends by recapitulating some of our finest moments.

On June12th 1996, I celebrated my 70th birthday with 80 of my nearest and dearest in a hotel in Effingham. I have no record of my speech but it certainly covered a recapitulation of the lives and accomplishments of my family. There follows a reconstruction which sadly omits the funny bits.

On my 70th birthday, my thanks must go principally to Margaret who has looked after us all for the past 40 years – through thick and thin I might add! All of our children have done supremely well

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