Maurice Legg
Appendix  One of the research interests in the Glacier Metal co, where I’d worked prior to coming to Canada , was wage determination. In northern Electric, all the professional engineers belonged to a union who negotiated wage increases collectively considering such factors as cost-of- living, wages in comparable industries etc. The union leaders who were elected from the professional engineers would have all- night sessions with management and were convinced that their negotiations were important and should be admired. They published a news letter describing their heroic all - night efforts and very early in my career with the company I contributed a letter urging the dissolution of the union on the grounds that it stymied personal negotiations for one’s own salary. My argument essentially was that the real wage negotiation consisted of the threat to quit unless I was paid more because I was doing a better than average job. The management view was that wages were a matter for collective agreement with the union. The union wasn’t dissolved, I didn’t get a personal raise and so I quit. Subsequently the history of the union was published and stated that “Maurice Legg wrote a letter pleading for the dissolution of the union and the letter was never satisfactorily answered” By the time I quit I’d been offered another job in Raytheon, Boston , USA at $9000 pa. Not bad, eh!

Appendix I
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